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Nutrition and Retreat

Begin your journey toward a healthier lifestyle today.

Our goal is to bring wellness and a holistic outlook to everyone who joins us as they seek a break from the fast pace of modern living. Our retreat and nutritional offerings provide you with everything you need to enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle by slowing down and allowing you the space to pause and focus on yourself.

Whether you are here to book a stay at our beautiful property, explore our nutrition programme offering, or find out how we can help improve eating habits at your workplace, we have it all.

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About Us

As explorers, food enthusiasts and professionals, we’ve been on a journey to find that all-important life balance. We now want to inspire you on your path to a happier, healthier lifestyle through better nutrition, sleep and exercise habits. In today’s world, time together is even more valuable.

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Inspiring a passion for Nature, Nurture and Nutrition, reconnecting you to a healthier and unhurried lifestyle.


To offer a genuine, inspiring and welcoming atmosphere.

To always be open-minded, approachable and supportive.

To express unwavering trust, reliability and responsibility.

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To be a personalised nutritional service and a sustainable relaxing oasis providing an infectious life changing experience.

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Our Happy Clients Said

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“I had two wonderfully relaxing days/nights staying with Stuart and Marta. It is a superb location for hiking in the Dales and for mooching around Matlock. The bedroom and bathroom are generously sized, with views out to the hills, the mattress is sumptuous, and there are thoughtful complimentary treats in the room. The nutritious, tasty breakfast and the overall hosting from this lovely couple just add more weight to my 5/5 rating.”


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“The programme made a huge difference to my well-being, especially during periods of lockdown when my rate of exercise reduced owing to closure of sports centre and 5-a-side football. Despite this, I managed to hit my objective through following Marta’s guidance and could have gone further.”
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“If you will like to bring about or maintain a healthy lifestyle, I would definitely recommend Marta as I am convinced that she will add value by making a real difference through her programme which will be tailored to meet your unique needs…”
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Partnering with organisations that help to enhance your experience

We Are a Sustainable Business

Take a look at the short video produced by Zellar, where we explain our commitment to sustainability. As a business, we strive to not only better the lives of today’s individuals but also we want to ensure that future generations get the opportunity to enjoy the planet as much as we can.