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Types of rest

Rest is not just about sleep How often do find ourselves longing for the weekend to have some rest? When you finally make it to the Friday, you start to navigate the to do list… Read More »Types of rest

Summer is here!

Midsummer’s day brings some delicious flavours for breakfast! With the first day of summer fast approaching, we had a look at what is growing now or soon to be in season. With this in mind,… Read More »Summer is here!

We are open:)

The office revamp is done and Spring menu looks yum! And we are back in:) stairs are finished, office and breakfast room is painted, cleaned and furniture is back in. Our Spring Breakfast Menu has… Read More »We are open:)

Refurb underway!

We are closed for business while we revamp our office space! We are now closed for business until mid-March😲 I know it is sad news, but the reasons are very exciting. We are refurbishing the… Read More »Refurb underway!

Enjoy morning yoga in the beautiful setting of Zaremba Marsden retreat in Matlock

Just breathe

Breathing Space Day How do you breathe? Can you find a moment to focus on how you inhale? We all need oxygen for our body to perform the necessary functions. Just like eating, this could… Read More »Just breathe