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Summer is coming

Knowing what you eat The well-known saying to have “breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper” has truth and meaning within it. Think about the time of day and your… Read More »Summer is coming

Summer is here!

Midsummer’s day brings some delicious flavours for breakfast! With the first day of summer fast approaching, we had a look at what is growing now or soon to be in season. With this in mind,… Read More »Summer is here!

We are open:)

The office revamp is done and Spring menu looks yum! And we are back in:) stairs are finished, office and breakfast room is painted, cleaned and furniture is back in. Our Spring Breakfast Menu has… Read More »We are open:)

Refurb underway!

We are closed for business while we revamp our office space! We are now closed for business until mid-March😲 I know it is sad news, but the reasons are very exciting. We are refurbishing the… Read More »Refurb underway!