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Spring seasonal produce

included in our new menu!

Eating seasonally bring benefits to your body and purse

Spring is slowly making its way to the UK. The days are getting longer and brighter. Some of us will have already started planning what to plant in the allotment or in your veggie plot. What will the new season bring to us?

Here are some of the produce we see coming to our local grocery stores and markets:

  • Asparagus – full of iron, fibre and vitamin C
  • Beetroot – source of fibre, folate and manganese
  • Carrots – rich in fibre and vitamin A
  • Cucumbers – full of vitamins C, K and magnesium
  • New potatoes – rich in vitamins C, B6 and potassium
  • Kale – source of fibre, vitamins C and K
  • Purple sprouting broccoli – full of vitamins C, B6 and fibre
  • Radish – source of vitamin C, fibre and potassium
  • Rhubarb – rich in fibre and potassium
  • Rocket – full of vitamins C, K and magnesium
  • Spinach – source of vitamins C, B6, iron, magnesium and potassium
  • Spring Greens – rich in vitamins C, K, iron and folate
  • Spring Onion – source of vitamins C, K and fibre
  • Watercress – full of calcium, folate and vitamin B6

We used these for our breakfast menu this season, but we also added a new dish to give you a chance to try something totally different. We went away travelling around South East Asia and we brought back with us some new ideas to tickle your taste buds. Mie Goreng is an Indonesian traditional dish served at breakfast or any other meal. It is packed with flavour and nutrients. We loved it! Come and stay with us to try it, and let us know what you think.