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Types of rest

are you getting enough of these?

Rest is not just about sleep

How often do find ourselves longing for the weekend to have some rest? When you finally make it to the Friday, you start to navigate the to do list while having a bit of a lie in or time for a walk or a bath. In no time at all, you find yourself still exhausted finally ready to chill, when it is 8 pm on a Sunday and time to prepare clothes and lunch for Monday.

What are we doing wrong then? There are different types of rest. There is physical rest. It can be passive or active. For some, it will be that time on the sofa with a favourite book and a cuppa or an afternoon nap or just some soothing breathing exercises. For others, it will be a cycle in nature, a spin class or a walk in a park. Then we have mental rest, which means giving your conscious mind a break, calming down the rush of thoughts. This could be achieved through music, mediation or simply silence. Another type of rest is sensory. We are constantly exposed to different stimulus whether it is your laptop, TV, phone or other gadgets. Our brains work overtime to deal with these and sieve out only the relevant signals. Every now and then, it is good to switch off and leave the phone or the laptop behind. Creative rest is also on the table whether it is through receiving or giving. We could be admiring a melody or a piece of art, or generating something like a painting or cooking a different meal. Emotional rest might be a hard one to give into. We carry on busying ourselves to avoid the situation where we have to stop and think only to realise that we are not ok. Those who are prone to saying yes to everyone and everything to build consensus and relationships may be at a higher risk of neglecting the signals. Maybe we need offloading some of the emotions through crying or screaming or talking to someone maybe even a therapist. There is also social rest, which again can be very different from person to person. Some take energy from meeting others so catching up with a group of friends for a coffee would be heaven to them. However, others are drained when surrounded by crowds or even best mates. These need time alone to regenerate. Lastly, there is spiritual rest, which would involve activities that give us a sense of purpose and meaning. Maybe you like to volunteer in the community or helping your neighbour with shopping or gardening.

How many of these do you even consider? Maybe it is time to start on a journey of recognition. What is best for you to be at your best? Take a moment today to set an intention to live with more awareness. Be more thoughtful and kinder to yourself and others around you. Tune into your feelings without judgment. Take a rest now to create space for meaningful and long-lasting changes further down the line. This could unlock reflection to assess your sleep, hydration, nutrition and exercise routines.