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Winter is almost here!

And this means new seasonal ingredients:)

Could it be harder to be creative?

On the contrary, with fewer fresh ingredients growing in our vegetable gardens, we need to be more adventurous and resourceful. There is still plenty of root vegetables to make our salads and sides warming and hearty. We can also use up the produce we have pickled or frozen. We can also rely on our staple beans and pulses, tinned fruit and veg and pasta. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

From 1 December, our guests will enjoy some staples and some new combinations. Porridge is always good on dark winter mornings and omelettes have been so far the most popular choice. Since, Christmas is around the corner, I want to introduce a traditional Eastern European potato salad, which is a must on many tables during this period. The last option is my new creation with other sometimes less popular ingredients that are equally nutritious and delicious.

Winter 2022 Breakfast Menu